Listen to the Music

The Adult Choir performs 12 of the special songs they sing following the sermon at B’nai Mitzvah. Not pictured are Cantor Meryl Weiner, who solos, and Music Director Teddy Klaus, who leads the choir. The choir has recorded this music which is available on CD. See the translations below.

Od’cha, by Stephen Glass – Choir (2:49).                                           

I will praise you for You have answered me,

You have been my deliverance.  

A stone the builders spurned

Has become the chief cornerstone

This is the Lord’s work,

It is wonderful in our eyes.

The Lord has made this day of triumph,

Let us be glad and rejoice on it.

V’Al Kulam, by Meir Finkelstein – Cantor Weiner and Choir (2:44)

For all these things,

(May your name) be blessed and praised.

(Your name) our sovereign always, forever and ever.

Let all who live affirm You

and praise the God of our deliverance.

Blessed are You, Adonai

Your name is goodness.

Blessed is God and blessed is God’s name

and You are worthy of thanksgiving.

We Reach For You, by Teddy Klaus – Choir (1:03). In English
Yih’yu, by Marshall Portnoy – Cantor Weiner (2:06).  In Hebrew and English 
Shiviti, by Michael Isaacson – Cantor Weiner (1:38)

I have set the Eternal always before me;

God is at my side, I shall not be moved.

Therefore does my heart exult

and my soul rejoice; my being is secure.

For you will not abandon me to death

nor let your faithful ones see destruction.

You show me the path of life;

Your presence brings fullness of joy;

enduring happiness is your gift.

Samachti B’omrim Li, by Charles Osborne – Choir (2:00)

I rejoiced when they said unto me: “Let us go unto the house of the LORD.”

Our feet are standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem;

Jerusalem, built to be a city where people come together as one!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may those who love you prosper!

For the sake of my people,my friends, I pray you find peace.

For the sake of the house of the Adonai our God I will seek your good.

Oseh Shalom, by Michael Ochs, arranged by Teddy Klaus – Cantor Weiner and Choir (3:02)

He who makes peace in His high places

May He bring peace upon us

May He bring peace, may He bring peace

Peace upon us and on all of Israel

Mi Chamocha, by Josh Nelson arranged by Teddy Klaus – Cantor Weiner and Choir (1:42).  In Hebrew and English
L’Dor Vador, by Charles Osborne – Choir (3:24) 

From generation to generation we will tell of Your greatness

and through all eternity we will sanctify Your holiness,

and Your praise, our God,

will not depart from our mouths forever and ever.

For you are the Almighty who is King; Great and Holy.

Blessed are You, Adonai, the Almighty, the Holy One

Hayom Harat Olam, by Teddy Klaus – Choir (3:39)

Today the world is born anew

This day, the whole of creation stand before You to be judged

As we are Your children,

As we are Your servants,

love us in the way of mothers and fathers.

As we are Yours in service,

guide us by the light of Your justice, grace and holiness.

Let the wishes of our lips

be pleasing before You, God most high.

You are knowing and attentive

watchful and aware when we dry out.

Lovingly, favorably receive

Our service of shofarot

Hallelu, by Robert Solomon and Joel Susan, arranged by Eleanor Epstein and Teddy Klaus – Choir (2:18)

Let the name of God be blessed now and forever.

From the rising of the sun until its going down,

God’s name is to be praised.

God is exalted above all nations.

God’s glory is above the heavens.

Who is like Adonai our God?

Enthroned on high.

Who looks down low upon the heavens and the earth.

God raises the poor from the dust,

lifts up the needy from

the refuse heap,

even princes of God’s people.

God sets the childless woman among her household as a happy mother of children.

Enosh, by Michael Isaacson – Cantor Weiner (2:53)

Our days are like grass.

We shoot up like flowers that fade

and die as the chill wind passes

over them, Yet Your love for those

who revere You is everlasting.

Your righteousness extends to all generations.