Life Cycle Events

Now early into its second half century, Temple Micah is mature enough to have multiple-generation families among the membership. As the Granof family observed life cycle milestones Micah was there to help celebrate or mourn.

As a young married couple, Helene and Gene Granof joined the temple in 1967. (Helene had grown up at Temple Sinai in Northwest Washington. Its rabbi then, Eugene Lipman, married them in 1966 and, upon learning they were living in Southwest, suggested they look into joining a new Reform congregation that had recently formed there. They did and they’re still very active members.)

Over the next six years, the Granofs had three children, Gail, Daniel and Julie, all of whom were named at Temple Micah. Gail was called to the Torah for her bat mitzvah in 1982 and Julie in 1986. Daniel’s bar mitzvah in 1983 was the first one Rabbi Daniel G. Zemel officiated over at Temple Micah.

The kids grew up. Gail married Seth Warner on May 16, 1999. Their oldest child, Jana Warner celebrated her bat mitzvah at Micah in 2014 followed by son Drew in 2016. They have one more to go, their younger daughter, Mara.

Meanwhile, Gene’s parents, David H. and Diana Granof, are buried in Temple Micah’s cemetery.

The Cycle Begins – Birth

In 1966, three years after the congregation was formed, the temple’s first baby was born–Mila Roschwalb, the daughter of Susan and Jerry Roschwalb. She was the only baby born that year, followed by another single birth, of Jeremiah Cohen, in 1967. During the 1970s and early 1980s, the temple’s population began to take off and so did the births, often reaching eight to ten new baby Micah-ites a year. Membership sagged in the late-1980s and 1990s and so did the number of births, dropping to six or seven a year. With the new millennium, membership soared, but interestingly births continued to decline (probably related to economics and demographics). For example, only four Micah babies entered the world in 2016.

Here are the names of the Micah babies and their parents that we know about. (Please tell us about others that we’ve missed.)

Births, 1966-1981 (scrolls vertically)

YearChild’s nameParents’ names
1966Mila RoschwalbSusan and Jerry
1967Jeremiah CohenM/M Fritzi
1968Elain BuckbergM/M Albert
Julian GrossM/M George
Andrew SiegelMargie and Richard
Laura SternM/M Richard
Adam ForsterLois and Norman
Joanna ReinM/M Bert
1969Daniel KaplanEllen and Bob
Bonnie AmdurSuzanne and James
Gail GranofHelene and Gene
Robbin LifsetAdair and Elliot
(Boy) DinessM/M Arthur
Catherine SkyVera and Ted
1970Arik MillerM/M John
Daniel GranofHelene and Gene
Jenifer MarksMarcia and Herbert
Michelle ElisburgNancy and Don
1971Stacy SherwatBev and Harlan
Jonathan CohenMarla and Vic
Kimberly KentM/M Dick
(Boy) FreemanCarol and Arthur
Amy SherenPeggy and Andrew
1972Melissa BoothElka and Sid
Heidi ForsterLois and Norman
Allison DinsmoreM/M David
Daniel SpectorM/M Jules
Jacob AsherLucy and David
Stephen BanderJoAnne and Michael
Aaron WilsonCarole and David
Michael SilbeyIrene and Frank
Joshua LandsburgDorothy and Brian
Aaron HohensteinNancy and Jeff
1973David SweetJudy and Dick
Jason LibbyDenise and Howard
Julie GranofHelene and Gene
Adam RiggsLeslie and Bob
(Girl) MarksMarcia and Herbert
1974David BeermanAnn and Bernard
(Boy) CohenBarbara and Howard
(Girl) SiegelMargie and Dick
Fredric KoveyMyra and Mark
1975Rachel GreenBernice and Michael
Rena LevinAmy and Stan
James LeischNancy and Greg
Paul DanielCarol and Darden
Jonathan WilsonCarol and David
1976Kelley RatnerAnn and Dennis
Seth ForsterLois and Norman
Amy ParkerDebbie and Jim
Rachel CarrNancy and Robert
Deborah HirschmanCarole and John
Gregory SchwartzLois and Jim
Aubrey FoxPat and Sam
Mark SweetJudy and Dick
Aaron KapnerCarolyn and Mark
1977Lisa MahleMary and Chris
Janna BernsteinMarsha and Seth
Rachel GorenRoberta and Mort
Jennifer BeermanAnne and Bernard
Abigail KoveyMyra and Mark
Jacob NobleDoris and Daniel
Jason and Sarah RiggsLeslie and Bob
Alexander SacerdottiWendy and Emilio
1978Naomi KatzPhyllis and Victor
Jessica CooperCarol and Jerry
Joseph LevinAmy and Stanford
(Baby)Schwartz ???
Eli AsherLucy and David
1979Marea PariserDebbi and David
Scott FrankelLaurie and Michael
(Boy) WeinerSusan and Ed
(Girl) FreemanCarol and Arthur
(Girl) CarrNancy and Robert
Sarah FromGinger and Al
Benjamin GeldonMarjorie and Gilbert
Elizabeth RosendorfLauren Kahn and Don
1980Sara GoltzCathy and Albert
Charles MahleMary and Chris
Hannah BloomDarryl and Barney
Aaron CatzSusan Chalker and Bob
1981Joseph and Benjamin HattonGail and John
Tammavong DuoangdaraThongma Lam (Laotian refugee family)
Andrew RosendorfLauren Kahn and Don

Births, 1982 – 1993

YearChild's NamesParents' Names
1982Michael HuddlesonAndra Bassi and Edwin III
Leah RinaldiKaren Zizmor and Bruce
Devra LobelGeralyn and Martin
Aryeh LevyRoberta and Barry
Jason CookFrances and Michael
Brenda BailesPearl and Joel
1983Sarah FeldmanDebbie and Bill
Abby TrachtmanLisa and Richard
Elizabeth GayorElaine Falender and Gordon
David GrossmanDonna and Ed
1984David WeinerEllen and Lee
Ariel NachtigalLiesel Flashenberg and Daniel
Samantha CookFrances and Michael
Miriam GrotteMargaret and Jeff
1986Shira ZemelLouise and Danny
1988Eli BlumKate Kiggins and Jared
1989Elizabeth HadleyJudy and Jack
Adam ZemelLouise and Danny
More 80s to come
1990Jacob ShapiroRobin and Charles
Benjamin CohenBarbara Klestzick and Lewis
Carly WeinsteinPhyllis Kayten and Steve
1991Rebecca CohenBabbette and John
Max Faytell (march)???
Simca HadleyJudy and Jack
Jesse ShieldsBarbara Camens and Peter
Gideon BenderLinda Rotunno and Philip
Benjamin LiroffSylvia and Richard
Ronit ZemelLouise and Daniel
Nathaniel Berwig (ck sept)Melanie and Matthew
Eliot ReinigerArlene and Pete
1992Ronit ZemelLouise and Daniel
1993David MorrisIna and Giles
Joshua KahnJoAnn Willis and Chip

Births, 1994 – 2016

YearChild’s nameParents’ names
1994Maya GrossmanSharon (Vinick) and Arie
Jacob RosenbergJennifer (Gruber) and Eric
Joshua ShieldsBarbara (Camens) and Peter
Eve BarnettIris and Philip
Katya BarrettSarah (Walzer) and John
1995Joanna GoldsteinAnita (Kramer) and Ken
Adam LiroffSylvia and Richard
Isaac FutrovskyYael (Traum) and Lee
(4 months missing)
1996Claire McBrideCatherine and John
Zachary Lief PaulLouise (Lief) and Angus
Jacob ZeissKimberly and Gary
Emily UstunCarrie and Jonathan
Hayden LipczenkoDimitri
Jeremy KoobLisa (Goldberg) and Stephen
Ruben PansegrouwLisa and David
Gideon BlumKate (Kiggins) and Jared
1997Julia HarrisMonika and Ken
Alexandra ShapiroMonica (Miller) and Richard
Alia SchechterRosa (Puech) and Peter
1998Gabrielle O’BrienLynn (Christensen) and Michael
Theodore RutbergSharon and Brian
Zachary KahnJoAnne (Willis) and Chip
Elizabeth ZetlinLeda (Gottlieb) and Ed
Sarah GoldbergKirsten and Paul
1999Sophie FutrovskyYael (Traum) and Lee
Sarah RichardsonRayna and David
Anna UstumCarrie and Jonathan
Celia HoffmanEllen and Matthew
Leah MoyerEllen and Don
Marina SchechterRosa (Puech) and Peter
Theodore ShoagElizabeth (Urfer) and Michael
2000Samuel BlumenfeldLiz and Lane
Natanya RosenAmy and Daniel
Sara CarletonRita and Gary
Jacob RichardsonRayna and David
2001Ruby TuckerKaren (Mark) and A.M.
Samara CallenderAmy
Rebecca ShapiroMonica (Miller) and Robert
Maxwell RobinsonHadley and Dan
Linat WestreichGaleet (Ben Zion) and Jonathan
Micah FoutzMelissa and Matthew
Zara EdleyMaria (Echaveste) and Christopher
Isabel HoffmanEllen and Matt
2002Alexander ShoagElizabeth (Urfer) and Michael
Benjamin MoranHeather and Sean
Adam RichardsonRayna and David
Joshua and Rebecca LongoAllison (Bauer) and Marie
Mara LurieDorian (Friedman) and Sander
2003Andrew WarnerGail and Seth
Jake BelandDebra and Justin
Shirite WestreichGaleet (Ben Zion) and Jonathan
Zachary BlumenfeldLiz and Lane
2004Gabriel BrumbergLaurie and Daniel
Ryan SeidmanJocelyn (Guyer) and Josh
Caleb SavoieLindsey and Brian
Jordan ScherrRachel and Dale (Hadley)
2005Abigail ?Debra and Justin
Lucia PaulNaomi (Mezey) and Matthew
2006Hannah KaufmannClaire (Grusin) and Roy
2007Eli GaleLori and Scott
Andrew EberJulie and Michael
Eli HelinSarah (Puro) and Amanda
2008Eleanor (Nora) SchneiderRham (Campbell) and David
Davi Keynes-LevinsonRenana and John
Celia AnbinderLisa and Tyler
Noah MakeCourtney (Schlisserman) and Jonathan
Miles NarvaYolanda (Savage) and Andy
Avery CooperDebbie and Bob
2009Jonah MoranHeather and Sean
2010Elijah Hillman BarberIra (Hillman) and Jeremy (Barber)
Micah PizerAnne (Rothbaum) and Billy
2011Ari GantEsther (Lederman) and Scott
Jonah KingDana (Bash) and John
Ethan SherryMarisha and John
Avery Hillman BarberIra (Hillman) and Jeremy (Barbr)
2012Julia SeidmanJocelyn (Guyer) and Josh
2013Benjamin LeroyRebecca (Claster) and Stephen
Olivia and Dani LevensonJudy
Talia HouserDeborah (Srabstein) and Ari
Rachel KirshMaggie and Russell
Stella Boegler AltmanJerry Boegler and Brian Altman
Shoshana RayaAmmira and Anthony
2014Maya BerahaNani and Josh
Ilana BergerFatema (Salam) and Michael
Cora McClureEmily (Warheit) and Marion
Bennett SherryMarisha (Goldhamer) and John
Nathan WestreichGrace (Mitchell) and Jonathan
2015Adele SaxeKaren and Wayne
Darwin SeifertNichole and Jed
Sadie KalmanCaralyn (Spector) and Allen
Jonathan KirshMaggie and Russell
Lily BerahaNani and Josh
2016Miriam LeroyRebecca (Claster) and Stephen
Rebekah KarabellAnnie and Jacob
Theo SmithKatelyn and Joshua
Eliza MurrayKerry (Susser) and Michael

Ritually Coming of Age — B’nai Mitzvah

Over the congregation’s first two decades, only a handful of kids celebrated bar or bat mitzvah each year, about two per year from 1965-74 and four per year from 1975-79. From 1980-84, despite the sag in overall membership, the number of b’nai mitzvah per year nearly doubled to seven.

  • 9aaf2c72da7-1486239606-71.jpg
  • gorenbm198-1486239622-59.jpg
  • gorenbm2-1486239638-0.jpg
  • adultbnaim-1486239658-66.jpg

In those days, each bar or bat mitzvah turned into a whole community celebration.  Most of the membership would turn out for the service and join in the festivities afterward. Because the adults knew each child, the youngster received individually chosen presents. The adults were nearly as proud of the bar or bat mitzvah as the child’s own parents. Fast forward to the 2000s and coincident with the temple’s rapid growth, the numbers of b’nai mitzvah skyrocketed to an annual average of 17 from 2000-2004, 20 from 2005-2009, 24 from 2010-2014 and 26 per year in the 2015-2016 biennium. Still a joyful event accompanied by the choir, a flute soloist and other musical instruments.

Youth B’nai Mitzvah (scroll through the list)

YearNames of B’nai Mitzvah
1969Michael Kessler, Roger Pines
1970Bruce Tromberg
1971Daniel Sherman, Michael Arses
1972Elizabeth Cron
1973Sam Schuchat, Sonia Rosen
1974Aaron Adler, Ben Cowen
1975Ruth Berg, Adam Cron
1976Seth Forster, Jerome Mortman, David Baker, Daniel Rosen
1977Jonathan Adler, Alicia Tromberg, Leah Morgenstein, Ruth Futrovsky
1978Sara Baker, Beth Bernstein, Anne Wolf, Josh Salmonson, John Ross
1979Sharon Levin, Adam Wegner, Jennifer Wolf
1980Jessica Goldman, Jessica Springer, Les Morgenstein, Lane Blumenfeld, Andy Elisburg
1981Benjamin Wegner, Matthew Zapruder, Emily Goldman, Eden Springer, Josh Levin,
1982Gail Granof, Rachel Beerman, Jay Berkenbilt, Elizabeth Landsberg
1983Donna Bluestone, Sara Arvidson, Daniel Granof, Michelle Elisburg, Naomi Berkenbilt, Shawn Blumenfeld, Rachel Landsberg
1984Ben Wides, Peter Fivel, Jennifer Simon, Stacy Sherwat, Sharon Katz, Matthew Braunstein, Bill Moss, Todd Goren, Allen Freeman, Sherry Klein, Benjii Feldman,
1985Jacob Asher, Melissa Booth, Josh Landsberg, Aaron Wilson, Meredith Simmons,
1986Julie Granof, Laura Wides, Susan Mair, Emily Schwarz
1987Peter Freeman, Keith Simon, David Booth, Reuven Goren, Fred Kovey
1988Jenna Umansky, Daniel Schwartz
1989Sarah Rosenbloom, Sarah Rinaldi, Kelley Rastatter
1990Lisa Mahle, Lauren Ross, Seth Millis, Rachel Goren, Rosanna Aiello Forrest, Yael Young, Michael Hough, Abigail Umansky, Sarah & Jason Riggs, Keith Feldman
1991Jessica Cooper, Abbey Kovey, David Hough, Gregory Silver, Joseph Hadley, Elana Bailes, Claire Schwartz
1992Sarah From, John Hough, Rebecca Grochow, Julia Rosenbloom, Ben Cooper, Elizabeth Rosendorf, Claire Grusin
1993Paul Rockower, Kyle Serrette(?), Amy Callender, Charles Mahle, Joss Ross, Nat Grotte
1994Daniel Schwartz, Andrew Rosendorf
1995Jessica Perlman, Jason Rubenstern, Charlotte Jacob, Alex Silver, Laura Tochen, Mollie Soloway, Eliza Simon, Lea Rinaldi, Ben Grusin, Sarah Halpern
1996Brendan Bailes, Josh Halloway, Josh Grochow, Desmond Ser(r)ette, Mitchell Frye, Matthew Closter, Hallie Shilo, Jessica Cohn, David Grossman, Jacob Lahne
1997Justin Bachorik, Kirby Capen (z"l), Jessica Soffer, Jacob Passel, Ellen Rockower, Miriam Grotte, Jeannie Baumann, Ben Callender
1998Matthew Misheloff, Bergen Kay, Kathleen Rubenstein, Robert Rosenbaum, Mark Parker, Bradley Frye, Johnathan Feuer, Jessica Simon, Anna Soloway, Maura Anderson, Joanna Blotner, Andrew Shoenfeld
1999Sasha Silcox, Ariel Wentworth, Shira Zemel, Jarrett Moreno, Meryl Tochen, A.J. Allen, David Pearl, Jake Levine-Sisson
2000Aaron Kaufman, Melinda Mathis, Aaron Schumacher, Anna Liebowitz, David Mark Olmsted, Sarah Isaacson, Ethan Dyer, Nina Fainberg, Joshua & Tanya Cooley, Ben Wald, Audrey Soffer, Robert Barnett, Gabe Goffman, Alejandra Bornstein
2001William (Willy) Adler, Eli Blum, Eliva Shaw, Zachary Simon, Lea Weightman, Ben Blotner, Aaron Klaus, Alexandra Bachorik, Arielle Mishkin, Naomi Taub, Zachary Leibman, Zack Rubin-McCarry, Jesse Rubin-McCarry, Reed Wilson
2002Adam Zemel, Sonya Soloway, Edward (Teddy) Temchin Parker, Melanie Arenberg, Elizabeth Hadley, Robin Sidvin Meyer Simon, Emily Bushnell Olmsted, Jeffrey Abram Soffer, Nicholas Fitz, David Rubin, Theodore (Theo) Elton Kogod, Elizabeth Fainberg, Daniel Schiffman Tochen, Isabel Shaw, Calder (Cal) Silcox, Jillian Moreno
2003Harry Rockower, Madeleine Weisman, Owen Capen Weinstein, Allegra Abramson, Ben Winston, Rebecca (Becca) Silver, Steven Saracco, Michael Nussbaum, Emily Harwood, Felix Shapiro, Allison (Allie) Parris, Danielle (Dani) Himelfarb, Samuel (Sam) Lahne, Lindsay Aronson, Leah Wald, Katie Goldberg, Andrew Melendy, Logan Saunders, Caroline Broder Wentworth, Nora Barnett
2004Jesse Landsberg Ward, Cole Feinberg, Annie Feinberg, Samuel Olmsted, Amanda Gutterman, Andrea Lynn, Nina Roumell, Charlotte Steiner, Paige Leventhal, Emma Berman Fernandez, Rachel Adler, Emily Maier, Adam Isaacson, Sonya Kaufman, Andrew Pelesh, William Coffman, Annie Cohen, Sarah Mishkin, Hannah Simon, Howard Grob
2005Simca Hadley, Jordan Tritell, Ariel Scharff, Hannah Tucker, Madelyn Berner, Lina Rosenberg, Miriam Lynch, David Weightman, Jacob Anbinder, Ronit Zemel, Sarah Kogod, Alyssa Silver, Lena Rose Carleton, David London, Eliot Reiniger, Hillary Moffatt, Ariel Mann Cohen, Joshua Bird, Dylan L. Wilson, Lauren Teixeira, Eleanor Katz
2006Melanie Stern, Hannah Caja, Max Ewart, Jonathan Webster, Jacob Cale Carver, Ryan Slayen, Rachel Nussbaum, Emily Aronson, Danny Parris, Medelyn Maddy Strauss Levy, Benjamin Kaufman, Faith Snyderman, Joshua Aarons, Liam Michael Fogelson, Sammy Gordon
2007Theodore (Teddy) Weisman, Daniel P. Scheiner, Henry Brown, Alex Tritell, Daniel Jack Prosky, Michael Saracco, India Claire Scribner, Dina Anbinder, Noah Riskind, Jacob Harold Rosenberg, Harper Rothstein Orwin, Eve Sokolow Barnett, David Lazere, Ethan L. Porter, Alaina Berner, Sarah Zeichner, Anne Katz, Isabel Thompson, Adam Jacobson, Brandon Klein, Matthew Erik Volk
2008Beth Bodner, Hannah Lynn, James Gewanter, Benjamin Carleton, Joshua Bramble, Isaac Futrovsky, Alsion Viola Cohen, Eli Ferster, Aaron Klinger, Lila Klaus, Rhett Stuart, Gabriel Cano, Sam Cafritz, Michael Jonah Kusnet, Alexander Wolf Levy, Robin Stinson Pinger Pollak
2009Emma Youcha, Brittany J. Brookner, Anna Pelesh, Daniel Wolff, Harris Daniel Rothman, Zachary Lief-Paul, Zack Werb, Daniel Isaac Stern, Hayden Lipszenko, Rebecca Strauss Levy, Elizabeth Zeichner, Nathaniel Sherman, Jacqueline Elizabeth Prosky, Maya Barkey, Jana Rose Korn, Samuel Matey Scheiner, Emily Gordon, Ruben Pansegrouw , Isabel Lee Kessler, Olivia Pearl Kessler, Jacob Ausubel, Nathan Ausubel, Zoe Aron, Julia Katz, Gideon Blum, Isabel Stein, Jack Lowenstein, Sam Hynes, Rebecca Klein
2010Elizabeth Zetlin, Harrison Davis, Julia Michal Harris, Gabrielle Alana Busch, Michael Yokei Grob, Walter Huron, Alia Schechter, Alexander Cohen, Elias Daniel Benda, Isabel Rebecca James, Jack Ewart, Isabel Adena Taswell, Rebecca Katz, Alexandra Miller Shapiro, Ian Berner, Adam Lazere, Adan Racobaldo, Phyllis Hazel Rosenblum-Sellers, Brian Winston, Juliana Justice Larisch-Schifferes, Jacob Korn, Gabriel Siegel, Annie Rosenthal, Ferris J. Garel, Michael (Micah) Vekstein
2011Alexander Cafritz, Josh Sahr, Razi Beresin-Scher, Zach Lynch, Emily Ustun, Lily Blattner, Rachel Snyderman, Sarah Goldberg, Zach Kahn, Marc Shulman, David Fadul, Isaac Shelanski, Lucy Binswanger, Brahm Soltes, Abigail Strauss, Adrienne Kafka, Julia Kafka, Caleb Coffman, Benjamin Cooper, Matias Cano, Arielle Weinstein
2012Olivia Siegel, Norell Sherman, Nina Isenstein, Sophie Futrovsky, Rebecca Davis, Zack Youcha, Micah Reinharz, Alana Barry, Anna Ustun, Hannah Wyatt, Marina Schecter, Sarah Burch, Keith Newman, Nina Stein, Alexander Thompson, Ellis Wilder, Zachary Stern, David Katz
2013Franny Sewell, Zoe Taswell, Isabel Rosenthal, Halli Watts-Rich, Mason Watts-Rich, Rachel Pollock, Jordi Parry, Dylan Roth, Benjamin Stern, Samuel Blumenfeld, Carly Sahr, Jacob (Coby) Cohen, Isaac Rosenblum-Sellers, Hero Magnus, Sarah Carleton, Elana Pansegrouw, Nadav Soltes, Griffith Ruck, Matthew Hua, Benjamin Werb, Ethan Klein, Sam Fox-Halperin, Thomas Mande, Jordan Harris, Daniel Halpert, Sally Binswanger, Rebecca Shapiro
2014Ruby Tucker, Casey Bressler, Adam Bressler, Sydney Maggin, Sam Sallick, Addie Rose Alexander, Hannah Davis, Piper Spindle, Shayna Brotzman, Caroline Weinstein, Max Harwood, Simon McGraw, Alex Hill, Nina Rutzen, Ilana Samuel, Lily Isenstein, Leah Ferrier, Caroline Katzive, Jordan Roumell, Mia Goodman, Chloe Kristensen, Noah Freedman, Jana Warner, Ella Rose Chotiner, Jack Muoio, Dylan Waldner, Dana Herrnstadt, Emily Gould
2015Molly Rothschild, Judah Chambers, Sarah Schwartz, Mara Lurie, Wesley Cooper, Rebecca Stern, Ben Seidman, Leo Seidman, Sasha Rosenbaum, Kaleo Goldstein-Coloretti, Isabella Ziv, Graham Wilder, Louisa Spector, Benjamin Moran, Samantha Strauss, Aviva Rosenbaum, Natavan Miriam Karsh, Benny Weinberger, Seth Sabar, Max Gregory, Geffen Bendavid, Matthew Mande, Elias Diwan
2016Deena Blumenthal, Mark Burch, Elena Tal Rubens Goldfarb, Jordan Maggin, Abigail Hall, Elka Longstreth, Anna Katzive, Sara Elaine Muoio, Jared Cohen, Beatrice (Boogie) Sewell, Mia Kristensen, Benjamin Fleurence, Sadie Wyatt, Andrew (Drew) Warner, Marshall Cooperman, Alexander (Alexi) Lazlo Weinberg, Luke Comfort-Cohen, Zachary Asher Blumenfeld, Benjamin Langsam, Miranda Gentin, Benjamin Thompson Waldner, David Rossotto, Mirielle Lee Skolnick, Paola Milbank, Ari Solomon, Gabriel Brumberg, Avery Hannah Ferrier, Macie McGraw

Adult B’nai Mitzvah

1981Lea Goldberg
1983Roberta Goren
Joanne Dolgow, Enid Rubenstein, Lois Steinberg
1984Tiby Sharlin
1995Judy Hadley
1996Ann Sablosky
2000Ruth Tenzer Feldman, Eugenia Grohman
2005Barbara Diskin, Tamar Fishman, Janet Hahn, Judith Rosen
2005Martha Adler, Pearl Bailes, Sue Baum, Lynn Bonde, Ted Bornstein, Stuart Brown, Debby Cooper, Ginger From, Patricia Goldman, Kate Kiggins, Janice Meer, Sheila Platoff, Karen Rosenbaum, Don Rothberg, Lynn Rothberg, Susanne Saunders, Kate Sheeler, Amy Shilo, Sabrina Sojourner
2007Alan Carpien, Alan Cohen, Diane Dodge, Elizabeth Eby, Helene Granof, Amanda Helin, Rhoda Hyde, Karen Mark, Geri Nielsen, Bob Saginaw, Sharon Salus, Ruth Schimel, Robyn Shepherd, Jacque Simon, Leslie Silberman, Adrienne Umansky
2009Roberta Aronson, Alan Burch, Rebecca Claster, Kristen Goldberg, Jocelyn Guyer, Tamara Kessler, Greg Lipscomb, Jennifer Loukissas, Catherine Lynch, Doug Meyer, Bill Page, Elizabeth Pelcyger, Learita Scott, Shari Werb, Sonia White
2011Frances Brookner, Geoff Barron, Valerie Barton, Patty Brink, Betsy Broder, Suzanne Griffith, Laura Lederman, Marilyn Park, Lisa Saks, Noel Salinger
2013Helen Burstin, Kathryn Ceja, Joan Feld, Phil Feld, Jessica Jones, Sunny Kaplan, Felicia Kolodner, Donna Lloyd-Kolkin, John Mosheim, Scott Pearson, Jocelyn Roberts
2015Lindsey Bailet, Betsy Goldberg, Peako Jenkins, Kate Judson, Paul Judson, Stephanie Kaufman, Adam Napora, Yolanda Savage-Narva, Linda Schultz, Paula Stevenson
2017Jodi Hope Anderson, Liz Blumenfeld, Laurie Brumberg, Tom Heinemann, Jan W. Greenberg, Debra Knopman, Wamaid Levine-Borges, Diana Oboler, Libby Pearson, Sarah Swatzburg

Completing the Cycle

Temple Micah was created mostly by young families and singles. So for years, there was little focus on death. A few members passed away in the early years. In 1970, for example, Ernest Green died of a heart attack as he left the temple after Friday evening services and Ivan Meitus was killed in a plane crash. As it celebrated births and other happy life cycle events, the entire community mourned its losses, (which were thankfully few), and continues to remember them all on their yahrzeits and at the memorial service on Yom Kippur. But in keeping with its overall policy of not naming individuals on plaques, Micah published no permanent record of members who had died. The Task Force on Member Recognition, which recommended the establishment of this Living History initiative, also proposed the creation of a memorial wall listing the names of all deceased members. Implementation of the wall is underway.

In 1979, the temple purchased a cemetery within George Washington/Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Adelphi, MD for members and their immediate families. Currently, the five trustees are: Shelley Grossman, chair; Gene Granof, treasurer; Mel Goldberg, recorder; Miriam Grogan and Jessica Silver.

Shelley Grossman talks about the Cemetery Committee

People should go and see it – it’s lovely and peaceful…It makes me feel good to be able to help people at this time of stress.

Temple Micah Cemetery Internments

SequenceYear of DeathFirst NameLast Name
631978Harry Fox
141984George Brown
131986Eugene Frankel
411987William Isaacson
271987Irene Kadis
81991David Granof
211992Irene Chait
171994Aaron Altschul
221995Edward Weinberg
91996Diana Granof
71996Lillian Sieger
301998Lee Cron
61998Benjamin Sieger
161999Eileen Gozonsky
242000Shirley Springer
682002Benjamin Lepson
112002Hanna Schussheim
192003Henry Lipman
282003Louise Werlin
332004Gilbert Nelson
382005Philip Klass
342005Milton Mortman
712005Louise Schuchat
292005Ellen Trauben
312006Ted Cron
322007Florence Nelson
492007Benjamin Rigberg
262008Isabel Field
252008Milton Field
182011Ruth Altschul
152011Moses Gozonsky
102012Morton Schussheim
122013Vivian Liebenau
552013Ellen Passel
232014Anne Weinberg
202015William Paul
792015Ben Wattenberg