Just Having Fun Together

Just Having Fun Together

As Temple Micah has always been a community and not just a place of worship, its members have enjoyed getting together to do many things—learning, working on projects, raising money. Most of these activities have a fun component. The primary purpose of the Kallot, for example, was learning but participants also ate together, played sports, put on skits, got to know each other better and generally had a good time. Similarly, the Spring Auction is the synagogue’s major fund raising activity but also serves as a venue for eating, drinking, chatting, meeting new members and enjoying the company of Micah friends.

Micah members also get together just to have fun, especially to eat together on Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom Around Town features home hospitality, Community Shabbat Dinners take place at the temple, and Meet Micah Friends facilitates getting together after services for a meal in a local restaurant.Food often is present but isn’t the sole focus. For several years [need to get dates], for example, the temple sponsored Bowling Together in response to Robert Putnam’s book, Bowling Alone, the Collapse and Revival of the American Community.

Some of these activities are initiated by the temple staff, but many others are not. From the beginning, someone had an idea, rounded up like-minded fellows and started a lay-led group. Some groups have lasted decades and are still going strong, others came and went. Since 1999, the Temple Micah Ski Club has organized ski trips to many venues in Europe and a few in the Western Hemisphere. Most participants ski downhill, but some do cross country, some snowshoe, and others just enjoy the gorgeous scenery. For a time, a needlework club drew knitters, needle pointers, quilters and others.

Have a passion that doesn’t fit a current activity? Recruit an interested group, notify the temple office to schedule time and place, and enjoy.  

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Sacred Circle Dancing

Sacred circle dances are moving meditations that embody and integrate mind, body, and spirit. These simple, gentle dances have special meditative qualities and ancient roots in music and dance from around the world. Powerful in their effect, they evoke a spiritual dimension leading to harmony and balance. They are led by Evi Beck, who says that “No previous dance experience or partners necessary. All dances are simple and each will be taught every time. My philosophy of dance is ‘there are no mistakes, only variations’.”

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